5 Reasons Halloween Baby Vests Are A Must Have For Your Little Pumpkin - 2023

October 09 2023 – Lynne Morris

Halloween Baby Vests - Must Have Baby Item
Halloween Baby Vests - Must Have Baby Item

Halloween as a new parent is almost as fun as Christmas, yes really - stick with us! The satisfaction you get from dressing your kids in the cutest outfits and making memories for those few years is difficult to describe. You only get a small window of opportunity though before they tell you that they’re too cool for trick or treating and you’re left handing out sweets to the next generation of littlies, meanwhile your ‘not so little one’ goes out to party. And while your little tiny bundle of joy might be a million miles away from donning a themed costume and rocking up at your neighbours door shouting ‘trick or treat, smell my feet!’, you can still join in by dressing your baby in one of our themed Halloween baby vests for their very first Halloween.

Baby’s First Halloween Clothes

Our Halloween baby vests are perfect for newborns and little ones celebrating their very first Halloween. Just because they’re too little for trick or treating, it doesn’t mean that they can’t dress to impress by donning a ‘My 1st Halloween’ vest under their sleepsuit, or teamed with bottoms and a little cosy cardigan. Believe us, you’ll love looking back on the photos in years to come, and your family and friends will love seeing your little pumpkin in their very first Halloween outfit.

Cute but comfortable 

Fancy dress can be a bit impractical for babies, especially when they are newborn. Our Halloween themed baby vests are perfect for tiny pumpkins that prioritise comfort, and need changing 10 times a day - because who wants to change a baby with 8 spider legs attached to their tummy?! Babies spend a lot of time snoozing and pooping so a little themed vest is more practical and our range of Halloween printed baby vests are so cute, you’ll want to use them all year round too! 

Halloween pregnancy announcement

Looking for a cute way to announce your pregnancy? Our ‘Mama’s Little Pumpkin’ baby vest would feature perfectly alongside your scan print and your baby’s due date. If you plan it well, buy a size to fit them for their first Halloween then you’ve ticked off your pregnancy announcement, and baby’s first Halloween outfit in one, bonus!

Halloween themed activity outfit

Whether it’s baby massage, baby sensory, or your local mummy meet up, it’s fun to join in on any themed classes, and if you’re going to commit to any of them, then Halloween is the one. A Halloween baby vest is ideal for all types of classes as you can layer up with other clothes and reveal the cutest Halloween designs indoors when your baby is happy and warm. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and are planning pumpkin picking, then a vest will still work with a cosy layer on top for those unmissable photo opportunities!

Perfect Halloween baby keepsake
I Vant to suck your boob Halloween Printed Vest Mamas Little Pumpkin Halloween Printed Vest


Purchasing a Halloween baby vest isn’t just a one off wonder. It can be worn throughout the spooky season (or longer!) to different outings and events where you can capture as many photos as your smartphone has space for. Themed baby milestones are great for photo opportunities and you will be able to lovingly reminisce about your baby’s first Halloween wearing their Halloween themed vest for years to come. Who doesn’t love a time hop? 

Once your little one has outgrown their first Halloween vest, you can either keep it in a memory box, or pass it on to another mama who is looking to make some special memories with their little pumpkin.

Shop your favourite design now, and start making those milestone memories on the run up to Halloween.


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